How to improve Google Chrome performance

How to improve Google Chrome performance How to improve Google Chrome performance

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the market with millions of users worldwide. The fast browsing speed and the high JavaScript performance are some of the many strong points of this browser. Unfortunately, as time passes by, this web browser might also occasionally get slow, and that's because of multiple reasons, such as the installation of multiple unneeded extensions or storing a large chunk of cached data. For this reason, plenty of tweaks and extensions were developed, so that you can improve your browsing experience and make Chrome run faster.

This guide will show you how to improve the performance of the Google Chrome application by disabling some of its default options and using third-party programs.

Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome if you wish to have access to more useful features and better browsing speed.

Disable Extensions

Extensions are tiny programs that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store to add extra functionality to your Google browser. Even though they might be very useful, they might also weigh Chrome down. Extensions run in the background, providing you with the features and functionality you need. In the process, they might consume a lot of system’s resources and slow down the performance of your web browser. So, disabling the extensions you don't require might be a great solution for improving the performance of the Chrome app. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Launch Google Chrome app on your Windows PC. Head to the upper-right side of the main window and click the 3 dots.

Accessing Chrome Main MenuAccessing Chrome Main Menu

Step 2

Go to More Tools -> Extensions.

Chrome Main MenuChrome Main Menu

Step 3

Find the extension you wish to disable and uncheck the "Enabled" box.

Chrome Extension ExampleChrome Extension Example

Clear your browsing data

Over the course of time, Chrome saves URLs and cached texts for websites you’ve visited, cookies, and other data. The whole goal for storing the cached data and browsing history is to increase Chrome's speed and let it load resources from your local drive instead of downloading them every time. However, after some time, the browsing data will pile up and slow down the performance of the Google app. For this reason, it's best you clear your browsing data from time to time.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Launch Chrome. Head to the upper-right side of the main window and click the 3 dots.

Step 2

Go to More Tools -> Clear Browsing Data.

Step 3

Select the types of data you wish to permanently remove from the Chrome application. Press the "Clear browsing data" button.

Clear Browsing DataClear Browsing Data

Try Chrome’s Experimental Features

There are many experimental features included in the latest Chrome version. However, they aren't enabled by default. The reason is that some are in testing mode, and there's a small chance that they might misbehave and ruin your browsing experience. These features might also cause browser crashes and weird bugs. So, be careful which of these experimental features you enable for your web browser.

Here's a list of some of the many experimental features that could improve the performance of Chrome:

Smooth Scrolling

This experimental feature enables the Google browser to animate more smoothly when you're scrolling the content from a website. As a result, pages are more responsive.

Smooth Scrolling FeatureSmooth Scrolling Feature

Fast Tab/Window Close

This experimental feature helps you shut down tabs quickly and make your web browser run faster. It expands the response time of the browser when you try to close tabs and windows.

Fast Tab/Window Close Experimental FeatureFast Tab/Window Close Experimental Feature


As you can see, it's very simple to improve the performance of the Google Chrome application. You don't need much computer experience in order to complete any of the aforementioned tasks and can easily perfect your browsing experience while working on your Windows PC.

You can also use system optimizing software like CCleaner and set automatic history cleaning and cache removal. Only these two steps can significantly improve your browsing experience. 


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