How to share a post on all social networks

How to share a post on all social networks How to share a post on all social networks

It's no surprise that today's generation is obsessed with social media. Individuals as well as famous brands rely on social networks to share ideas or products, stay in touch with other people, and so on. If you're the type of user who's managing multiple accounts on different social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, the chances are that you spend a lot of your time making sure every information is being posted, monitoring the content that's being shared by your friends (or competitors if the accounts are for work purposes), etc.

Fortunately, various companies launched products to help you easily manage multiple social media accounts from one place. They might prove to be of good use to people who are in charge of social media marketing in their firms. With the help provided by this type of programs, users can easily monitor the social media accounts they created for advertising their product or company and post the same content on multiple accounts at once. Good examples come from utilities like Buffer, Hootsuite, and SocialFlow. Each program brings you a different set of useful features and pricing plans. Buffer is definitely my favorite because not only it provides a quick solution for individuals to handle their multiple social networking accounts. It's very intuitive and takes a small amount of time to configure its settings.

In this guide, I will show you how to use Buffer, one of the most popular all-in-one social media apps, to share a post on all social networks.

Step 1

Download the browser extension you need (based on your default web browser). I use Google Chrome, so I downloaded and installed the extension that was compatible with my default web browser.

Installing BufferInstalling Buffer

Step 2

A new Buffer button will be added to the toolbar of your web browser. Click the icon and select the "Go To Buffer" option. You will be redirected to the Buffer webpage where you can find its social media dashboard and options to connect to various types of social network services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Step 3

Log in to the accounts you wish to manage.

Connecting To Social Media Accounts In BufferConnecting To Social Media Accounts In Buffer

Step 4

If you want to share a URL on all of your social media pages, simply navigate to the website in question, click the Buffer button from the upper-right side of your web browser, and select the accounts you want to use for sharing the content. You can add your own text content to the post and attach an image or video if necessary.

Step 5

Select the preferred time for sharing the information on all of the selected social networks. You can share the post instantly, add it to a queue or schedule the upload for later. Buffer will share your post to multiple social networks at once for free. Also, on the Buffer homepage, you can find settings for all of your social media accounts (scheduling options for posts, history log, etc.) in one place.

Sharing Post With BufferSharing Post With Buffer


As you can see, it's very easy to share a post on all social networks from your Windows PC. The question is: which online service or Windows utility will you choose to do so? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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