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Discover 100% Free Spades, a versatile card game with playful characters who captivate your family while mastering your skills!

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In this game you play Pinochle with 3 other players. The game is played by 2 decks of standard cards with 2 - 8 removed, so a total of 48 cards are used.

... different suits) - 100 points; Kings ... 1 Q of Spades and 2 K of Spades can ... Q of Spades can be ...

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Play Spades in this Freeware game. All Windows versions, 100% Freeware, no online logins, no ads, no viruses.

Play Spades in this ... Windows versions, 100% Freeware, no ...


Russian Solitaire is a card game in which you have to move all cards to 4 foundations by suit from A to K.

... example, a 9 of spades and a 4 of ... a 10 of spades on another ... is worth 100 points, and ...

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Hardwood Spades offers a beautuiful way to play classic spades along with other more unique variants to keep things exciting.

... boring Spades, it's Spades with some ... play Spades. - Leaderboards. Hardwood Spades has ...

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This game is played by 4 players. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the game is played trick by trick.

... by trick. Spades are trump ...

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ACE of SPADES is the best bits of Minecraft crossed with the fast-paced shooter gameplay of Team Fortress.

ACE of SPADES is the ...

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The CyberSpades online spades game started out as a programming excercise that got out of hand ...

... CyberSpades online spades game started ...


OpenSpades is a clone of Voxlap Ace of Spades 0.75, which is a free multiplayer game created by Ben Aksoy.

... of Spades 0.75, which is a free ...


Bisley Solitaire is one of the few one-deck solitaire games that allows player to choose which foundation a card should be moved to.

... foundation of spades can ... 4 of spades, while the ... of spades can ... the 5 of spades. If a ...

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CardShark is a card game that runs on top of the .NET Framework and allows you to play Blackjack ...

... , Sobe e Desce, Spades, Sueca and ...