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The plugin plays audio using Aureal's A3D 2.0 - 3.0 sound engine, or DS3D.

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ArtiosCAD is the a structural design software for packaging design.

... in ArtiosCAD (A3D, ARD, and ...

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This is a driver for the Aureon 5.1 PCI sound card, which offers everything you need to achieve perfect sound.

... - from EAX 2.0/1.0- A3D and I3Dl2 ...

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Montego DDL represents the latest generation in multi-channel PC audio. Key features include:

... ® 3D and A3D® for an ...

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A3D Stitcher is highly tailored program designed for creating and processing Panoramic Images.

A3D Stitcher is ...

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Rich set of data processing tools. The built-in tools allow carrying out both manual and automatic interactive processing of the initial images.

... tools, like A3D PanoAssistant


This add-on is a complete package of B-66 Destroyer with virtual cockpit and 2d panel including custom gauges.

... of the A3D Skywarrior then ...