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SketchUp Architecture Library Download
2.0 on 2 votes

Google Sketchup Architecture Library is one of the several available Sketchup Bonus Packs to use with Google Sketchup.

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IDX Renditioner Express Download
3.6 on 17 votes

Renditioner Express is a free, photorealistic rendering plug-in to Google SketchUp 8.

...Express is a free, photorealistic rendering Google SketchUp 8. Main features...

SketchUp Viewer Download
3.7 on 15 votes

Looking for an easy to use solution to review SketchUp designs in 3D on your desktop? review SketchUp designs in ...? Use the SketchUp Viewer for...

IMVU File Editor Download
4.6 on 7 votes

IMVU File Editor is a SketchUp plugin that enables the weighting of clothing and accesories.

...Editor is a SketchUp plugin that...

Visualizer for SketchUp Download
3.2 on 21 votes

Visualizer for SketchUp is a premiere tool for real-time design in SketchUp.

Visualizer for SketchUp is a premiere in SketchUp. Visualizer allows...

SketchUp Import for AutoCAD Download
4.4 on 5 votes

SketchUp Import 2013 is a free plug-in that offers you two ways to get SKP files into your AutoCAD drawings.

SketchUp Import 2013 is a free ...convert a SketchUp file, stored SketchUp models...

SketchUpBIM Download
4.0 on 31 votes

SketchUpBIM is a free plugin for Google SketchUp. It provides simple tools that make it easier to model buildings and engineering structures.

...a free plugin for Google SketchUp. It ...other Google SketchUp geometry and...

DoubleCAD XT Download
3.6 on 5 votes

DoubleCAD XT is an AutoCAD LT work-alike, but free. Its powerful 2D CAD capabilities and great DWG and SKP ...

...alike, but free. Its companion for AutoCAD and SketchUp ...than a free .DWG viewer...

LTplus SketchUP Plugin Download
5.0 on 5 votes

This plug-in lets you import DXF files into Google Sketch-up. Google-3D-Modeller -converts SketchUP...

Renditioner Express Download
4.8 on 4 votes

Renditioner Express is a photorealistic rendering plug-in to Trimble SketchUp 8. Trimble SketchUp 8. It ...Google SketchUp components ...has Goolge SketchUp’s materials...

KeyShot plugin for SketchUp Download
5.0 on 3 votes

KeyShot plugin for SketchUp is an app that links the 3D modeling application and KeyShot together, rather than putting KeyShot inside it.

...plugin for SketchUp is an...