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GNU 8085 Simulator Download
3.3 on 11 votes

GNU 8085 Simulator is an open source simulator and assembler for the Intel 8085 Microprocessor.

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EmbestIDE Download
3.5 on 2 votes

Embest IDE for ARM is a complete solution for embedded arm development.

...editor - GNU compilers ...linker - GNU ansi C ...instruction set simulator - tools...

gpsim Download
5.0 on 1 vote

gpsim is a full-featured software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers distributed under the GNU General Public ...

...the GNU General ...under GNU Lesser General ...The standard simulation paradigm including...

GNU Development Environment (ARM) Download
2.0 on 1 vote

GNUDE is a complete suite of GNU C, C , Fortran, and Java Cross Compilers, and the GDB CPU Simulator and Debugger ...

...suite of GNU C, C , Fortran ...GDB CPU Simulator and Debugger ...the following GNU Packages ...

Phyton CodeMaster-52 Download
4.5 on 2 votes

CodeMaster-52 compiler options CodeMaster-52 IDE provides most flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective integration ...

...includes a free evaluation copy ...and software simulator provide -GNU (SDCC)...

Hydrognomon Download
3.9 on 29 votes

Hydrognomon is a free software application for the analysis and processing of hydrological data, mainly in the form of time series.

Hydrognomon is a free software application ...of the GNU GPLv3 License...

Gravit Download
3.6 on 16 votes

Gravit is a gravity simulator which runs under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. a gravity simulator which runs ...under the GNU General Public ...makes it free. It uses...

TSACS Wormhole Screensaver Download
4.5 on 2 votes

This screensaver is part of The Stargate Atlantis Computer Simulator.

...Atlantis Computer Simulator is free software ...of the GNU General Public...

EASy68K Download
4.2 on 15 votes

EASy68K is a 68000 Structured Assembly Language IDE. EASy68K allows you to edit, assemble and run 68000 programs on a Windows PC or Wine.

...under the GNU general ...GUI Simulator Displays ...DirectX audio. Simulated hardware, 7 ...

VDrift Download
3.8 on 12 votes

VDrift 2006-10-06 is simulation software developed by Joe Venzon.

...06 is simulation software developed ...source driving simulation made ...under the GNU General...

FlightGear Scenery Designer Download

FlightGear Scenery Designer is an OpenSource interactive program that allow its user to design custom sceneries for the FlightGear flight simulator project.

...FlightGear flight simulator project...