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Juniper Networks Host Checker Download
3.2 on 16 votes

You can use Host Checker to perform checks on endpoint computers that connect to the IC Series device to make sure ...

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Fast Link Checker Download
4.8 on 4 votes

Fast Link Checker is a tool used for searching sites for broken links.

...Link Checker can check links to ...Link Checker can check links in ...on sites hosted by any...

Pinger Download
4.7 on 3 votes

ALSEDI Pinger is a small FREEWARE utility displaying connection status to specified site/host.

...specified site/host. It uses ...) protocol to check host availability, so...

Dyn Updater Download
5.0 on 5 votes

Dyn Updater updates your DynDNS hostnames to resolve to your remote IP address.

IP Net Checker Download
4.7 on 49 votes

IP Net Checker is a network monitoring software that allows you to verify the network connectivity of IP hosts on the Internet and LAN.

...of IP hosts on ...periodically pings, checks TCP ports ...IP Net Checker can generate...

HostMonitor Download
5.0 on 1 vote

HostMonitor is a highly scalable network monitoring software suitable for small and enterprise-level networks.

...check any TCP service, ping a host, check ...can check ...folder, check integrity of...

SwitchSniffer Download
4.0 on 50 votes

1. Overview SwitchSniffer is a program that can scan your switched LAN for up hosts and can reroute and collect all ...

...local hosts and remote hosts. ...can check out if abnormal hosts ...It can check out if...

HTB MyIP Download
3.8 on 28 votes

Host The Best brings you HTB MyIP, it can determine your current IPHTB MYIP address at any point of time with just one click.

Host The Best ...with your host name and...

Check Host Pro Download
5.0 on 44 votes

With Check Host Pro you just need to define the host name or IP address of the server you want to monitor.

With Check Host Pro you ...define the host name or...

LogCheck Download

Logcheck is a simple utility which is designed to allow a system administrator to view the logfiles which are produced upon hosts under their control.

...produced upon hosts under their...

DuckDns Updater Download
2.9 on 7 votes

DuckDns Updater is a Windows tray application that allows you to keep your dynamic hostname’s IP address up-to-date (and in sync) with DuckDns DNS service.

...It periodically checks your external...