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MyPoi Manager Download
2.3 on 3 votes

MyPoi Manager is a free software application that allows you to manage and load Points of Interest (POI's) and speed cams on your TomTom or Garmin sat nav.

PoiEdit Download
3.0 on 27 votes

PoiEdit is a shareware program that manages all of your poi (places of interest) files from your desktop PC and saves/loads them to/from your Mobile Device.

img2typ Download

IMG2TYP creates a TYP file for every Garmin Map. It looks for all the polygon/line/point type numbers in an IMG ...

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X-NAVI Manager Download

X-NaviTM manager is a PC tool for Xplova G5 navigation program, map content, and POIs data management.

X-NaviTM manager is a PC ...and POIs data management. With X-NaviTM Manager ...or map/POIs data...

MioMore Desktop Download
3.5 on 72 votes

MioMore Desktop is a suite of tools you can use to access greater functionality and product information via your computer. MioMore Desktop allows you to: updates. - Manage maps. ...local POIs. - Manage custom POIs. - Manage safety...

Trailmap Manager Download

Trailmap Manager is a handy and reliable application designed to upload maps, edit POI information and download routes from your Trailmap mobile application.

Trailmap Manager is a handy ...maps, edit POI information and...

POIView SE Download

When you have a Pocket PC based navigation system and your software supports user defined POIs (Points Of Interest), you need POIView SE.

...user defined POIs (Points Of to manage, view, edit ...print these POIs directly on...

POIView Download

When you have a PocketPC based navigation system and your software supports user definded POIs (Points Of Interest) you need POIView!

...user definded POIs (Points Of to manage, view, edit ...print these POIs directly on...

GSAK Download
4.2 on 5 votes

GSAK is a geocaching and waypoint management tool. It can send and receive waypoints to and from GPS devices.

...and waypoint management tool. It ...MapSource, Garmin POI, Fugawi, Street...

POIExplorer Download
4.0 on 1 vote

POIExplorer downloads and manages POI files (Place Of Interest) for GSP devices like TOMTOM.

...downloads and manages POI files (Place...

Medion GoPal Assistant Download
3.8 on 27 votes

MEDION GoPal Assistant software enables you to manage the content of your MEDION GoPal navigation system via a clear arranged user interface. to manage the content ...maps, download POIs or update...

Garmin TOPO Poland 2011 Download

From the shores of the Baltic Sea to the summits of the Tatras, TOPO Poland 2011 is your active leisure companion ... searchable POI's and 3-D ...user data management such ...MapInstall to manage map transfers...

Master Navigator Software Front End Download

Features - Easy-to-learn WINDOWS™ based user interface - Easy-to-use thanks to single key functions to manage tracks - Several ...PPC, TomTom POI OV2, Garmin...