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NAVTEX Decoder Download
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NAVTEX decoder is an imaginitively named NAVTEX software decoder for NAVTEX transmissions.

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SeaTTY Download
4.7 on 3 votes

A program to receive weather reports, navigational warnings and weather charts transmitted on longwave and shortwave bands.

... are RTTY, NAVTEX and HF ... ). It can decode GMDSS DSC ...

ViewFax Download
3.8 on 5 votes

Viewfax can open and display grib weather-data files, as well as most graphics formats; and Getfax ...

... also copy Navtex/FEC, RTTY ...

seaProLite Download

Electronic chart plotting has never been more affordable or simpler than with seaPro Lite.

... tools - AIS - NAVTEX support - Tidal ...

navproc Download

NavProc is a Navtex mesage logging, filtering and display program.

... is a Navtex mesage logging, ... separate reciever/decoder via the ... location of Navtex stations ...

RadioCom Download
4 on 4 votes

RadioCom is a software suite featuring encoding and decoding of various digital and analog signals from a radio.

... encoding and decoding of various ... fax, Synop, Navtex, CW and ... operate several decoders at the ...

Mscan Meteo Download
3.8 on 13 votes

Mscan Meteo is a program that combines the ability to decode FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY signals, and to make voice recordings and view GRIB files in a single program.

... ability to decode FAX, NAVTEX and ...

TrueTTY Download
5 on 2 votes

It is a program for amateur radio digital communications via a sound card.

... -FEC (SITOR-B, NAVTEX), MultiFSK-16 ...

DSCdecoder Download

DSCdecoder allows you to use your PC and soundcard to decode maritime mobile service messages using the Digital ...

... DGPS and Navtex broadcasts. ... stations. Navtex messages are ... will decode these messages ...

PC Navtex Download
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Bring NAVTEX messages on to your PC with PC Navtex, either interfacing direct to a NAVTEX engine, or as a repeater from a suitable NAVTEX receiver.

... Navtex, either interfacing direct to a NAVTEX ... suitable NAVTEX receiver.... of NAVTEX ...

WIB2 Download

A connection between WIB2 and PC will be established via USB.

... memory). The NAVTEX messages are ...