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The Observer XT is the professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.

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Paranormal Puck is a software utility dedicated for the Ovilus X.

... puck to observer events. Any ...

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With FlashCAD you will discover the pleasure of drawing thanks to the easiest and most complete tool available today.

... of the observer. FlashCad is ...

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IPCam Admin gives you 24 hour surveillance and transfer of footage for safety and health reasons as intented use.

... to warn observers and ask ...

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SpaceEngine is a free space simulation software that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions, starting from planet Earth to the most distant galaxies.

... . * The observer is free ... continuously. * The observer can move ... of the observer to ...

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Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer video management software allows users to seamlessly view distributed images from any ...

... Micros NetVu ObserVer video management ... SUPPORT NetVu ObserVer also includes ...

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Dedicated Micros offers the free, downloadable, NetVu ObserVer software in support of its NetVu Connected family of DVRs.

... , downloadable, NetVu ObserVer software in ... DVRs. The ObserVer application enables ...

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HDD Observer is a monitoring and repairing tool for your hard drives.

... . HDD Observer can detect ... HDD Observer will check ... ': HDD Observer begins fragmentation ...


This unique software for deep-sky observers has many functions, some of them are:

... a detailed observation plan, containing ... find observations. Exchange observations with ...


RDF Calculator for radio-direction finding, topographic map display, locator calculation ...

... of two observers to find ...


SpaceObServer is a flexible hard disk space manager for Windows that stores file system information in a database ...