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PD Duplicates Cleaner is a full Windows desktop application that can be used to find and delete duplicate Palm Desktop data.

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PD-SyncKit is a software package including our three best selling Palm Desktop utility software: Conduit Buddy, CustomSync and Log Buddy.

PD-SyncKit is a ... HotSync environment cleaner. Conduit Buddy ...


Have you ever seen the perfect dawn? This screensaver will present you one of the best plays of light between day and night.

... in is clean and clear ...


PDS Ledger simplifies the administrative tasks of financial management by providing a full accounting solution for your parish.

PDS Ledger simplifies ... annual reports, PDS Ledger removes ...

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PDS Access Recovery lets you recover data as MDB databases from corrupt or damaged MS Access database files.

PDS Access Recovery ...


PD Adequest software is a powerful, Windows-based tool created to measure, report, and predict the adequacy of PD prescriptions for individual patients.

... adequacy of PD prescriptions ... patients. PD Adequest software ... results indicate PD Adequest ...

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PD Particles is a software program for sketching, doodling, painting and drawing with particles.

PD Particles is a ... for you! PD Particles is ...

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PD-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV ( comma separated value ) files.

PD-CSV Converter ... value ) files. PD-CSV Converter ...

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Optitex Pattern Design Software offers intuitive and powerful software tools designed to work with patterns at every step of your production cycle.

... all, the PDS interface is ... access a menu. PDS provides a full ...

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PD 360 Off-line Viewer is a tool that can be used to download video segments to be viewed later. This

PD 360 Off- ... to install PD 360 Off ...


PD Trigger is a Windows application that receives alarms from Poseidon and Damocles units ...

PD Trigger is a ... are performed. PD Trigger can ...