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Compustam provides a quick and easy way for pigeon fanciers to manage all their pigeon data.

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PideXX is a multilingual management software for the club, with which pigeon data can be inserted, changed or deleted, both in the PC and in the clocking device.

... is a multilingual management software for ... , with which pigeon data can be ...

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Pigeon Planner is free and open-source racing pigeon software.

... source racing pigeon software. ... yet powerful pigeon organizer. Enter ... your pigeons with all ...

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With the BENZING Printer Manager you can print out lists from a BENZING clock at home.

... BENZING Printer Manager you can ... BENZING Printer Manager will display ...


Bricon Print Manager allows you to print different kind of lists created by Bricon USB-based ETS clock.

Bricon Print Manager allows you ... of each pigeon in your ...

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Pigeon XPress is the standard among the Pigeon Management programs.

... through the data easy. The ... contact, Pigeon Management (pedigree), Picture Management, Race ...

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Ever wished you could just type stuff and find it again without having to save it and then remember what you called ...


Pigeonhole shows you a grid of pigeonholes similar to a spread sheet. Click on a pigeonhole and type in whatever you want - it is saved automatically.


Power Pigeon version 4.1 is software created from suggestions and ideas of pigeon fanciers from around the world.

... placings and managing your pedigrees ... or show data you can ... that Power Pigeon is customized ...

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PhotoBooks is a program that allows you to create your personalized photo-books.

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Would you like to be in London one minute and in New York the next one? With Webcam Saver, you can.

... . Watch the pigeons at Trafalgar ...