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Python is an object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, or Java.

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FireDaemon Trinity is an Windows Service Management Platform.

... any 32-bit or 64-bit application ... , Python, TCL TK) as a 2000, XP ...


Rock debugger is a 32-bit assembler-level analyzing Degugger for 80x86 - processors architecture. Developed for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP.

... is a 32-bit assembler-level ... 2000, XP. In ... PerlScript, PScript, Python, RubyScript etc ...

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Spyder (previously known as Pydee) is a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like features ...

... Windows XP/Vista/7, ... Scientific Python Development ... enhanced interactive Python interpreter) ...


wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language.

... for the Python programming ... as a Python extension module ... platforms are 32-bit Microsoft ...

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Those are Win32 (pywin32) extensions source code for Python.

... for Python. As for Python itself ... MSVC7 for Python 2.4 and later ...


Python extensions for Microsoft Windows. Provides access to much of the Win32 API, the

Python extensions for ... to the Python you have ...

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FireDaemon Pro is a system utility that allows you to install and run any 32-bit or 64-bit application or script (EXE, DLL, BAT CMD, .

... any 32-bit or 64-bit application ... , Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK ...

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The pyHook package provides callbacks for global mouse and keyboard events in Windows.

... in Windows. Python applications register ...


Shapely is a BSD-licensed Python package for manipulation and analysis of planar geometric objects.

... a BSD-licensed Python package for ... using idiomatic Python.

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UniCurses is a wrapper for Python 2.x/3.x that provides a unified set of Curses functions on all platforms (MS Windows ...

... a wrapper for Python 2.x/3.x that provides ...