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Calculate Amperage, Distance, Wire Size or Voltage Drop. American & Metric measurements & wire sizes.

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This application could also be called "Feeder Sizer" as it provides all information required to size feeders.

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SEE Electrical Calculator allows you to compute voltage drop, earth leakage, short circuit currents as well as other calculations.

... Calculator allows you to compute voltage drop ... other calculations. Available calculations: Z ...

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Features : One-line Riser Diagrams Panel Schedules Homeruns and Loops

... Calculations Site Lighting Calculations Fault Calculations Voltage Drop Calculations ...



Used by thousands of electrical designers for everyday electrical calculations.

... AC/DC voltage drop calculator, for VD ... , or length Voltage Drop Calculator for a series ...


HPP-Calc provides a quick and efficient means for developing voltage-drop calculations on fire alarm control panel circuits.

... for developing voltage-drop calculations on ... circuits. It calculates voltage drops along a ...

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Code Calculator is a small and useful application, with the help of which, you can calculate any type of electrical expression.

... Calculators includes a raceway fill program, a Voltage Drop ... 3-phase Voltage Drop program ...

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The Elite Software Panel DOS based program automatically sizes all the components (cables, bus ducts, transformers, etc.

... analysis) and V-Drop (voltage drop calculations) programs. After ...


PowerOffice is a control program that automatically links to: ReticMaster, Bentley MicroStation / PowerDraft / RedLine CAD, PowaMaster, and Microsoft Excel.

... with complete voltage drop calculations for Medium ...

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PowerCad-5 is a program that enables electrical designers the power to model complex L.

... as: - Cable Voltage Drop Calculations - Time/Current ...

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PowerStar Electrical is a program designed for electrical engineering design and analysis applications.

... node voltages, voltage drops, and current; calculate three ...

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Determine the color code of a resistor and calculate resistors for LED circuits.

... a resistor and calculate resistors for ... the supply voltage, the voltage drop across ...