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Ssrc SVG is a free plugin for rendering SVG and XUL in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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SVG Explorer Extension is a small and very simple extension that enables Windows Explorer to render SVG thumbnails ...

SVG Explorer ... to render SVG thumbnails, so ... of your SVG files. It ... thumbnail of SVG files in ...


CrystalSVG is a pygtk /cairo free application developed by Jason Siefken based 3d crystal renderer.

... 3d crystal renderer. It renders specularity ... can output svg and png ...

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AH Formatter is an app for format HTML and XML files for print.

... MathML and SVG rendering engines with ...

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SVG Cleaner is an open source batch, tunable, crossplatform SVG cleaning program.

... tunable, crossplatform SVG cleaning program ... up your SVG files ... the final rendering and ...


SVG Imprint for Windows is a format conversion application that converts Portable Document Format (PDF) files into Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files.

... Graphic (SVG) files. SVG is a ... can be rendered in a ... generate Compressed SVG - Maintains ...


Major Features Layout Engine (the module that allows building page by page model of a document)

... documents in SVG format Saving ... Insertion of SVG images ... support for Rendering features No ...

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XML Viewer is a simple program for viewing and editing XML files.

... to render SVG files and ...


Aspose.SVG for .NET aims high at facilitating its users for working with SVG files. Key features supported by the API include:

... on official SVG specifications ... JS Quality rendering and ... Creation of SVG document from ...


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is an HMTL5-based document viewer library that allows you to display 50+ types of documents and images within your Java apps.

... SVG. HTML5-based document rendering ... Documents are rendered as real ... text rendering, fonts ...


IronPDF allows MVC to generate PDFs in C# and VB .Net Projects.

... providing a rendering engine for ... , JPG, SVG, PNG, GIF ... / Key rendering features include ...