This category includes tools that can help manage all sorts of business activities more effectively. Whether you are a project manager, a financial market analytic, or a stock market trader, you will definitely find helpful software here.

stefano vecchiati

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3.1 on 12 votes



3.3 on 74 votes


5 on 99 votes

OANDA Corporation

HansaWorld Inc.

2.6 on 22 votes

By Camiloo Limited

Scorpion Research Ltd

BHOK IT Consulting

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Trading Point Holdings Ltd


5 on 4 votes

Per Johansson

Fabien Foulon

M Pulis

tastytrade, Inc.

Pangea Software, Inc.

5 on 40 votes

Ivan Pavlov

4.7 on 6 votes

Acclivity LLC

3.6 on 44 votes

Softmatic GmbH.

4.2 on 58 votes

TRENTE Vietnam Co., Ltd.​

True North Software

3.9 on 21 votes

Transcena Design

5 on 1 vote

O3 Wallet Technology Pty Ltd.