This category includes tools that can help manage all sorts of business activities more effectively. Whether you are a project manager, a financial market analytic, or a stock market trader, you will definitely find helpful software here.

Bitcoin developers

3 on 1 vote

Michael A. Howard

Harry Powell

Oranged Software, LLC

org.beavercoinfoundation - Software Design & Services e.U.

3.6 on 60 votes


Bob Warwick


Simple Genius Software LLC

Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

Everdow Ltd.

RPC Miner Developers

Igor Vlasov

Mono Systems GmbH

3.2 on 21 votes


3.8 on 82 votes

Raj Kumar Shaw

4.4 on 100 votes

Veenix, LLC

Verwaltungs- und Privat-Bank AG


Raj Kumar Shaw

3.1 on 65 votes

HAMSoft Engineering

5 on 59 votes

Entropy Technology Ltd.

Aderstedt Software AB

3.9 on 65 votes


Minutiae Software

4.3 on 11 votes


4.5 on 74 votes