Best Text Editors 2019 for Mac

Text editors allow you to quickly manage plain text and write and improve your source code. We've reviewed top 5 text editors designed for a different audience: ordinary users, web designers, and app developers. Look through this article and choose the best tool for yourself.

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Cody Krieger

LassoSoft Inc.

The Blue Technologies Group


Strahinja Markovic

Apache Software Foundation

Jason Robitaille

Roy Hills

ToThePoint Software


Sveinbjorn Thordarson

Apple Inc.

Sequel Pro & CocoaMySQL Teams

2.5 on 2 votes

Andy Grove

Mickaël Menu, Frédéric Peschanski

Thomas Mejer Hansen

2.8 on 93 votes

James Sasitorn

SimpleOpenNI Team

The SCons Foundation

3.1 on 58 votes

Andrew Sorensen

Monkeybread Software

Apple Inc.

Coppelia Robotics

4.1 on 85 votes


Devin Rousso

Enthought, Inc.

3.4 on 18 votes

Bare Bones Software

Free Pascal

3.2 on 25 votes