Best Text Editors 2019 for Mac

Text editors allow you to quickly manage plain text and write and improve your source code. We've reviewed top 5 text editors designed for a different audience: ordinary users, web designers, and app developers. Look through this article and choose the best tool for yourself.

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Widget Press Inc.

3.7 on 82 votes



Michael Fischer


4.2 on 21 votes

Olivier Chafik

Romanysoft LAB

4 on 78 votes

Nicholas Riley

Christoph Gerdes

4.2 on 14 votes

Brian Webster

5 on 1 vote

Sun Microsystems

5 on 1 vote

Adobe Systems Inc.

4.2 on 14 votes


3.4 on 70 votes

Kanzu Software

Taco Software

3.6 on 12 votes

BrainDistrict GmbH

4 on 1 vote

Before Dawn Solutions, Inc.

5 on 1 vote


Zion Software, LLC.

Leif Heflin

James Moger



Sente, SA

Brian Harvey

Apple Inc.

3.9 on 32 votes

Maximiliano Firtman

Coliop Team

Franz Graf

3 on 54 votes

Spork Software