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The variety of applications included in this category is very wide indeed. Here you can find miscellaneous educational tools that will help you acquire and improve your knowledge in such fields as photography, drawing, science, as well as assist you in increasing your typing speed, learning how to use various programs or computer in general, to create a mind map, and even how to play virtual pool or poker.

Bob Delaney's Science Software

Frantisek Korbel




Golfig AB


Catalystwo Limited

Eyemaginations, Inc.

Adobe Systems Inc.

Kenneth Garzo

Artify Inc.

W. Xavier Snelgrove

The Imagine Team

Xumbrus, LLC



Nick Turley

Akadem GmbH

Alan Smith

The Curriculum Project

Nineveh National Research

Craig Walton

AroniSoft LLC

Emmanuel Guillot

Incline Software, LC.

StepWare Inc.