Teaching Tools

Teaching tools will come in handy for teachers, tutors, and trainers that are interested in helpful and easy-to-use means to teach kids and adults in a better way. This category includes a broad array of tools for Mac to help you teach music, geography, math, computer, astronomy, and many more.

First Solo Software, LLC.

L Labs, Inc.

School Zone Publishing


Rainer Goebel

Andy Van Ness

Acellus Corporation

SwansonDigital, LLC

Richmond Mathewson

Jeff Skrysak & Jens Bauer

Imagine Learning, Inc.

Marek Ledvina

Dancing Tortoise Software


Tagsom Edutainment

Kedronic UAB

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Musicnotes, Inc.

Best App Limited

Cem Olcay

Devslopes CA LLC

Synthesia LLC

Academ Media, LLC

Bluewater Publishing LLC


WAG Mobile Inc