Teaching Tools

Teaching tools will come in handy for teachers, tutors, and trainers that are interested in helpful and easy-to-use means to teach kids and adults in a better way. This category includes a broad array of tools for Mac to help you teach music, geography, math, computer, astronomy, and many more.

First Solo Software, LLC.

School Zone Publishing

Rainer Goebel

Richmond Mathewson

3.9 on 48 votes

Imagine Learning, Inc.

Tagsom Edutainment

Andy Van Ness

3.7 on 73 votes

Max Schlee

5 on 71 votes

Best App Limited

Marek Ledvina

Catzware Inc.

4.5 on 70 votes

Manderim GmbH

4.7 on 92 votes

NonLinear Educating Inc.


SimpleLeap Software

4.8 on 72 votes

OnScreen Science, Inc.

Paul Young

4.6 on 96 votes


3.3 on 68 votes

Christian Mézes

5 on 48 votes



Thomas Freytag

3.9 on 76 votes

Moodle development team

3.9 on 98 votes

eReflect Software

GSL Biotech LLC

4.2 on 46 votes

RoGame Software

2.3 on 29 votes

Marek Ledvina

Rinoy Pazhekattu