File Managers

A recurring task you have to do from time to time when working with an operating system is manage files. If the default file manager does not provide enough options or you don't consider it comfortable to use, take advantage of this category and find an alternative file manager.

Nito software

Macroplant LLC.

Lorenzo Simionato

Colin Henein

4.9 on 84 votes


3.5 on 32 votes

Elite Bits

3.8 on 64 votes

Day 1 Solutions SRL

5 on 7 votes


Hawark Li

Zeno Crivelli

Tjark Derlien

Eirik Rye

Araxis Ltd

3.2 on 50 votes

doubleTwist Corporation

5 on 1 vote


Kyle McKay

4.8 on 90 votes


NoName Scriptware

Christopher Drum

3.8 on 24 votes


Jan-Niklas Freundt

5 on 73 votes

Haystack Software

3 on 1 vote

Bluecouch Software Inc.

4 on 39 votes

By Polymicro Systems

2.9 on 22 votes

Zevrix Solutions

4.3 on 15 votes

OSSH Pty. Ltd.

Alexander Lindenstruth

Ted Smith

4.2 on 96 votes

7822383 Canada Ltd.

Qixingshi Technology CO.,LTD

5 on 22 votes