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Top 5 apps 2020 to remotely access your Mac

Remote desktop access applications help keep control over your Mac even when you are away. Establish a secure connection and perform all the required actions independent of your actual location. We've compared the best apps allowing you to remotely lauch apps, watch films, transfer data, etc. on your Mac. Read and find the best tool for you.

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Eric Shepherd

4.5 on 60 votes

Hitek Software, LLC.

4.1 on 91 votes

Diabolisch Dev Team

1.3 on 3 votes

Eternal Storms Software

4.5 on 52 votes

Marco Balestra


By Stefan Fürst

4.2 on 5 votes

Macware, Inc.

2.9 on 32 votes

BTicino S.p.A

Socialbit UG


4 on 1 vote

Gregory Weston

4.7 on 36 votes

PortableOSX Group

Muve, Inc.

Shopify Inc.

Mike Downs, ks7d

2.8 on 76 votes

OS X Code (r,s);

Fruit Stand Software

4.2 on 88 votes

Techspansion LLC

Ben Kazez

4.8 on 52 votes

Tomoyuki Okawa

Fabien Goy

2.7 on 50 votes


2.3 on 87 votes

Mario Gajardo Tassara

2.4 on 71 votes

Ramón M. Figueroa-Centeno

Stinking Software