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Top 5 apps 2020 to remotely access your Mac

Remote desktop access applications help keep control over your Mac even when you are away. Establish a secure connection and perform all the required actions independent of your actual location. We've compared the best apps allowing you to remotely lauch apps, watch films, transfer data, etc. on your Mac. Read and find the best tool for you.

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Richard F. Bannister

Fredrik Wallner

2.4 on 23 votes


3.2 on 28 votes

Wolfgang Baird

3.4 on 48 votes


4 on 1 vote


3 on 1 vote

Jesse Lauro

5 on 1 vote

Sebastian Razola

Mudflat Software

4.6 on 9 votes

Marcel Bresnik Software-Systeme

Digital Watchdog

Tushar Rawat

4.8 on 62 votes

Gideon Softworks, LLC.

5 on 1 vote

Project : Omega

3.3 on 55 votes


Custom Solutions of Maryland

2.4 on 29 votes

Praeter Software

4.8 on 39 votes

Tran Ky Nam

4.5 on 6 votes

Michael tapes Design

5 on 1 vote

Sybrex Systems Ltd.

Mojiferous Industries

One Kerato

Surtees Studios


4.4 on 56 votes

Brian L. Naylor