Top video editing software 2018 for Windows

VIdeo editors are programs for changing, merging, and modifying video files. Take two or more video files, change sounds, merge into one, interchange parts, add special effects, divide files into parts, export to new formats - do whatever you need to create the best video.

Top video converters 2018 for Windows 10

Most of us have movies or recordings we want to watch on our phone, tablet, or a TV. Video converters encode different video files to formats compatible with certain gadgets (AVI, MPG, 3GP, etc.) so that we could enjoy watching favorite clips and films anywhere. We have reviewed most popular video converting programs to help you choose the best one.

Best media players for Windows

Media players are needed for watching movies or playing songs, podcasts or other video and audio materials. Several popular media players working with a variety of formats are described below.

Find out what song is playing right now

Identify a catchy song playing on the radio or in a bar. Based on the lyrics you type in or a melody you hum or sing, the apps will recognize and tell you a title of the song. We reviewed some of the most well-known music search tools and picked up the top one.

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NCH Software

3.9 on 43 votes


4.2 on 28 votes

Ellora Assets Corporation

4.4 on 21 votes


4.4 on 20 votes

Aone Software

3.5 on 62 votes

Participatory Culture Foundation

3.7 on 53 votes


4.6 on 14 votes


3.8 on 36 votes

Cockos Incorporated

4.5 on 21 votes

NCH Software

3.1 on 214 votes

Roland Corporation

3.8 on 32 votes

PBX Telecom

3.8 on 87 votes


4.3 on 22 votes

CyberLink Corp.

3.5 on 57 votes


4.5 on 21 votes

Sony Creative Software, Inc.

4.2 on 28 votes

LG Software Innovations

3.6 on 56 votes

Corel Corporation

4.1 on 30 votes

WinAVI Software Ltd.

4.7 on 19 votes

AllFreeVideoSoft Co., Ltd.

4.2 on 23 votes


3.7 on 44 votes


4.6 on 17 votes

George Boudouris

3.7 on 34 votes


3.7 on 36 votes

SourceTec Software Co., LTD

3.9 on 37 votes

Audials AG

3.9 on 36 votes


4.1 on 42 votes


3.7 on 42 votes


3.8 on 42 votes

Adobe Systems Incorporated

4.5 on 17 votes