Choose a remote desktop access program 2018 for Windows

Remote access programs establish a connection between multiple computers and access the desktop and software of one machine from the other. We have compiled a list of the most popular products providing functionality of this kind.

Best file compression tools of 2018 used on Windows

File archivers are used for file compression, which usually leads to saving storage space while keeping the created backups. Numerous tools are available, but we've taken 5 most popular ones and have analyzed which of them is the best.

Back up and restore your files in Windows 10

To protect our data from loss or damage, we should use backup and restore programs most of which used to be hard to understand and cope with. We have picked five software that will back up your files, folders, disks and entire system with ease due to their intuitive interface and wizards. All of them have flexible options and extra features, look through our selection and make your choice.

5 great Windows clipboard managers

Clipboard managers are to extend the functionality of the native clipboard function of the Windows operating system. Read the article and choose the most efficient clipboard manager for your Windows PC.

More system utilities

NCH Software

3.7 on 178 votes

Romain Petges

4.2 on 71 votes


4.3 on 115 votes

NewTech Infosystems

3.7 on 182 votes


4.1 on 93 votes

Stardock Corporation

4.1 on 83 votes

Bulat Ziganshin

4.5 on 50 votes


3.6 on 197 votes


4.3 on 67 votes

Lao Script for Windows

4 on 119 votes

nlite Software

4.3 on 69 votes

Raxco Software

4.6 on 64 votes

Tobias Erichsen

4.3 on 62 votes

The Pennyworth Project

3.9 on 131 votes


3.9 on 94 votes

Chip Genius

3.8 on 115 votes

VMware, Inc.

4.1 on 90 votes

Letasoft LLC

4.1 on 87 votes


4.4 on 49 votes

iolo technologies, LLC

4.3 on 77 votes

Gajjar Tejas

4.1 on 80 votes


4.2 on 74 votes

Christian Taubenheim

4.3 on 67 votes


3.8 on 108 votes

ASUS Zenfone

3.9 on 95 votes

Symantec Corporation

3.6 on 191 votes


4 on 140 votes

Scooter Software, Inc.

4.4 on 65 votes

3.6 on 163 votes

Innovative Solutions

3.9 on 124 votes