How to convert CSV to KMZ with ExpertGPS

How to convert CSV to KMZ with ExpertGPS How to convert CSV to KMZ with ExpertGPS

KMZ, the compressed version of KML, is a file format that is used by Google Earth and Google Maps for storing placemarks. This type of files is mainly used for distributing information about a specific location, as it can contain geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), names, 3D model data, or images. CSV is a common format that was designed to help users store tabular data in a plain text form. Normally, the data from the original table is delimited in a CSV file using commas. Therefore, if you have received a CSV file containing geographical data and want to open it with Earth viewers, then turning it into the KMZ format seems a rather good choice. 

For demonstrating the conversion process, I will be using ExpertGPS 5.2 (Shareware $74.95) , because it is a popular application (often referred to in various online discussions and forums) that can help you create KMZ files from CSV. It is also one of the few programs that is capable of completing this process (actually, it is the only tool that I managed to find, excluding online converters).

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to keep up with this tutorial.

This is a shareware application, but a 5-day free trial version is available to help you with the given task.

Here are the steps that you will need to complete in order to convert CSV files into KMZ format.

Step 1

After launching the application, create a new file, go to the "Convert" tab, and select the "Import CSV" option.

Step 2

Once you're done, an import wizard will appear that will ask you to provide the coordinate format and several other settings.

import wizardImport wizard

Step 3

Click on the "Next" button to perform the column assignment task. Here, you will have to assign a role to each of the columns from your CSV file, as shown in the image below.

Column assignment taskColumn assignment task

Step 4 

Click again on the "Next" button and save the configuration. You can also view if the provided data is correctly assigned. Once you are sure that all is correct, press the "Finish" button.

save the configurationSave the configuration

Step 5

After pressing the "Finish" button, a map containing the coordinates from your CSV file should appear on the screen. Once that happens, go to the "Convert" menu and select "Export data map to Google Earth KLM" option.

Export data map to Google EarthExport data map to Google Earth

Step 6

A window will appear from where you can select KMZ as the output format from the drop-down list. You will also have to name the output file. Click on the "Save" button to finish the process.

Select the output formatSelect the output format


As you can see, converting CSV files to KMZ format using ExpertGPS 5.2 (Shareware $74.95) can be a bit tricky, but there aren't many alternatives you can choose (most tools can convert CSV files to KML, but not KMZ). If you don't want to use this application and would like to try a different method, then feel free to use any of the available online converter services like Google's Fusion Tables. Follow the link to learn how it works.

  • Fast conversion
  • GPS data viewer
  • Expensive ($74.95)
  • Can be a bit difficult at first

Alternative downloads

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