How to Convert KMZ to AVI with CamStudio

How to Convert KMZ to AVI with CamStudio How to Convert KMZ to AVI with CamStudio

KMZ is, basically, an XML file that is used by Google Earth and Google Maps to compress KML files (files that contain geographical data such as the latitude, longitude or name of a specific location) and any additional files it might come with (images, other information, etc.) into a single archive. Turning this type of file into a video format can prove to be quite a difficult task, especially since there aren't that many video converters to help you out (those that claim they can do the job will create a video file with a significant loss of data). A simple way you can create a video from your KMZ file is by using a video/screen recorder and turn it into AVI, one of the most popular and widely-supported video formats available. This way, you can easily share your KMZ Google Earth tours with other users without having to install specialized software to deal with this format.

For demonstrating the process, I have chosen CamStudio 2.7 (Open Source) by the CamStudio Group & Contributors, because it is a very popular (among the first Google search results), open source and easy-to-use application that can successfully record videos as AVI files.

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to keep up with this tutorial.

Here is the instruction that will guide you through the conversion process:

Step 1

After launching the program, make sure that the video will be recorded as AVI (you will see the "Record to AVI" message on the upper-right part of the interface). If it isn't (the only other option is SWF), then click on the "SWF" button from the menu bar.

Step 2

Go to the "Region" tab and select the desired recording mode (fixed area, fullscreen, window or region).

Region SelectionRegion Selection

Advanced Steps

Step 2.1

Modify the recording options by accessing the "Video Options" menu under the "Options" tab. From there, you can change the compressor used for the output file, its quality and frame rate (how many frames per minute).

Video OptionsVideo Options

Step 3

Open your KMZ file, start the video and the recording process at the same time. To make sure you won't lose any of your time, you can use hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to start, pause or resume the recording.

Hotkeys Keyboard hotkeys

Step 4

After you have finished recording your KMZ video, simply stop the process (either by using the hotkey or by clicking on the "Stop" button from the menu bar) and select the desired output location and name for your AVI video file.


a. Choose to show, hide or change the mouse cursor during the recording or even highlight it using one of the available shapes and colors. To do that, you will need to access the "Cursor Options" under the "Options" tab.

Cursor OptionsCursor Options

b. Add time stamps, captions and watermarks to your recorded video by clicking on the "Effects" tab and selecting one of the available options.

c. Choose to also record audio data from speakers or microphone ("Audio Options" under the "Options" tab).

d. Modify the default keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) by clicking on the "Options" tab, "Program Options" and selecting "Keyboard Shortcuts".

Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard Shortcuts


Congratulations! You have successfully recorded your KMZ video tour to an AVI file. As you can see, turning KMZ files into AVI with CamStudio 2.7 is a pretty simple process and, if you follow this guide, you shouldn't have any problems completing the task. The output AVI file won't contain any watermarks (unless you choose to do so) or any other unwanted graphical element. If you want to change your KMZ files into AVI using other applications, then you may check the "Alternative Downloads" section below.

  • Open Source
  • Easy to use
  • Several customization options (compression mode, quality, frame rate)
  • The interface seems dull

Alternative downloads

  • Bytescout Screen
Capturing Bytescout Screen Capturing free windows It can record screen video to AVI. Download
  • CamStudio CamStudio free windows Program capable of recording the screen and audio activity from your computer and create standard AVI video files. Download
  • Fraps Fraps windows Universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. Download
  • My Screen Recorder Pro My Screen Recorder Pro $129.95 windows This program is a professional video screen capturing tool that enables you to easily and simply record... Download
  • Screen AVI CAM Screen AVI CAM $39 windows Using Screen AVI CAM you can perform professional capture screen immediately with just one click. Download