How to convert DXF to GDSII with LayoutEditor 2014

How to convert DXF to GDSII with LayoutEditor 2014 How to convert DXF to GDSII with LayoutEditor 2014

Many of you might not know that GDSII (Graphic Data System II) is a layout format used for specifying the shape of a layout for manufacturing integrated circuits. This type of file is mainly applied in factories. Whilst, DXF is quite a popular vector graphics format as it is the file type used by AutoCAD for storing designs that can easily be exchanged between various CAD (Computer-Aided Design) applications. Therefore, if you want to use AutoCAD to design integrated circuits and manufacture them, then a simple way to do that is converting your DXF files to GDSII format and send them to the factory. 

For demonstrating the conversion process, I have chosen LayoutEditor 2014 (Freeware) designed by juspertor UG, because it is one of the few free tools that will help you with the task at hand (most of the other applications are quite expensive).

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to keep up with this tutorial.

Here are the simple steps you will need to complete in order to turn DXF files into GDSII format:

Step 1

Open the DXF file you want to convert (go to the "File" menu and click on "Open" or press the "Open" button from the menu bar).

Step 2

Select the "Save As" option from the "File" menu (or use Shift+S key combination).

Step 3

From the drop-down format list, select GDS II and choose the desired location for your output (see image).

GDS Format SelectionGDS Format Selection


a. You can edit elements from your original DXF file and draw new shapes using the provided tools.

b. Manage layers (lock, unlock, hide, show, make active, etc.) by accessing the "Layer" menu.


Congratulations! You have successfully converted your DXF vector graphics file to GDSII format. As you can see, changing the format of your files using LayoutEditor 2014 (Freeware) is very easy and it will only take you a few seconds of your time (if no editing is desired). If you are searching for other applications with more advanced features or just replacement programs, then check the tools from the "Alternative Downloads" section below.

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Editing options
  • None

Alternative downloads

  • LayoutEditor LayoutEditor free windows The LayoutEditor Download
  • LinkCAD LinkCAD $1000 windows Most robust and powerful CAD translator available and supports a wide range of file formats.LinkCAD runs on Windows 95... Download


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K-Layout is another alternative download.