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How to convert PPT to TIFF with Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter

How to convert PPT to TIFF with Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter How to convert PPT to TIFF with Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter

Nowadays, almost every major company uses PowerPoint for creating presentations, as it is a very popular application, even though the file format (PPT) is not supported by many programs.  Therefore, converting them to an image format might come in handy, especially if you are using a remote computer that doesn't have PowerPoint installed or you just want to edit the photos from a presentation using powerful graphic editors like Photoshop.

Why TIFF? Well, because TIFF is a wide-used image format that is accepted by almost all image viewers and editors available on the market. Transforming PPT files into TIFF images is also useful if you want to print individual slides from your presentation, as TIFF was designed as a graphics format that can store any type of pixel-based image, with layers and other features, without any quality loss (ideal for printing).

For demonstrating the process of changing PowerPoint PPT files into TIFF digital photos, I've chosen Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter 5.4 (Shareware $39.95), because, even though it is shareware, it is a fast and efficient tool that can convert single and multiple presentation files with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter is a shareware application (that costs $39.95), but a trial version is available, although it comes with some limitations. By using the trial version, you will not be able to batch convert PPT files and the program will only convert a part of the presentation and will add a watermark in a central position.

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to follow along with this tutorial.

These are three easy steps that you will need to follow in order to extract slides from your PPT presentation as TIFF images.

Step 1

Add the desired PPT file or an entire folder (you can either drag-and-drop them to the interface or click on the “Add Files” / “Add Folder” button)

Step 2

Select the output folder (no need to choose the format as you can only convert to TIFF)

Step 3

Click on the “Convert” button.

 a. Select to instantly open the output folder after the task is finished, create sub-folders when saving files and set several parameters as seen in the image below:

Select the output folderSelect the output folder

b. Add a watermark so that you can take ownership over the converter TIFF photos (go to “Set more parameters” and click on “Set Watermark”)

Adding a watermarkAdding a watermark


Good job! You successfully have converted your PPT files to TIFF images. As you can tell, extracting TIFF images from your PPT presentations using Okdo Ppt Pptx to Tiff Converter 5.4 (Shareware $39.95) is not that complicated. Make sure to follow the guide if you have any problems and complete the conversion task in no time and with very little effort. If you are looking for other replacement tools, maybe some of them even free of charge, then check the related programs list.

  • Support for batch conversion
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Can add watermark 
  • A bit expensive ($39.95) 

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