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How to Create AVI from PNG images With PhotoStage Slideshow Producer

How to Create AVI from PNG images With PhotoStage Slideshow Producer

As we all know (or at least most of us), AVI is the most widely-used video format when it comes to storing movies, TV shows or other types of video files on a personal computer, because it is supported by almost all media players and video editors. PNG is also a popular media format, but this type of file is used for sharing images over the Internet. The portable PNG was created to replace the old GIF format and it has several advantages over other raster graphics formats such as adjustable transparency, gamma correction and some other fetures.

Creating an AVI video file from your PNG image collection can prove to be quite useful in various situations. For example, if you want to share your PNG image gallery or photos taken from your vacation, then simply create an AVI file and deliver it to other users. It is easier than individually transferring each image or dealing with archiving tools. 

Now, I will show you how to create AVI video files from your PNG images using PhotoStage Slideshow Producer 3.0 (Freeware) by NCH Software. I have chosen this application, because it is a powerful tool with lots of features that will help you create fully customizable AVI videos from your PNG collection. Although PhotoStage Slideshow Producer 3.0 is a powerful software, it is pretty easy to use, as you will see in the following guide.

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer 3.0 is free to use only for non-commercial home use. For other purposes, you will have to purchase the Pro version ($29.99)

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to follow along with this tutorial.

These are the steps that you need to complete in order to create an AVI video file from PNG images

Step 1

Add the PNG image files. You can select some particular images you want to add (by clicking on the "Add Media" button on the menu bar), add an entire folder containing PNG images ("Add Folder" button) or just drag-and-drop your photos onto the program's interface (the area is clearly marked)

Advanced Steps

Step 1.1

Add various effects in order to make a smooth transition between the loaded images (see the image below)

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer - add effectsPhotoStage Slideshow Producer - add effects

Step 1.2

Edit each loaded image, apply various effects, animations or text overlays by selecting the photo and clicking on the appropriate tabs (Edit, Effects, Animations or Text)

Step 2

Click on the "Export" button from the menu bar

Step 3

Select the "Computer/Data" tab from the pop-up window that appears after clicking "Export" and select AVI as the file format. You can also provide the destination for the output file, the desired resolution for the video and maximum frame rate.

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer - Export formatPhotoStage Slideshow Producer - Export format

Step 4

Click the "Create" button to start the process


a. Preview function that will show you, in real-time, how your output file will look like and view any modifications that you will make to your project (either use the preview from the interface or watch a full-screen presentation by clicking on the "Preview" button from the menu bar)

b. Add an audio file as a background music by drag-and-dropping it to the specified location as seen in the image below

 Add an audio file as background music Add an audio file as background music

c. Export your PNG image slideshow to pre-defined formats supported by various devices or directly upload it to websites like Youtube, Flickr or Facebook

Export your PNG image slideshow to pre-defined formatsExport your PNG image slideshow to pre-defined formats 


Congratulations! Now you have successfully created an AVI video file from your PNG photo collection. As I have told you at the beginning of the guide, creating an AVI video from PNG images using PhotoStage Slideshow Producer 3.0 is not that complicated, even though the program offers you a large number of features and customization options. If you follow the steps that I have described above, you should have no problem creating your AVI video. Other applications that can help you make AVI files from PNG images can be found in the "Alternative Downloads" section.

  • Lost of features
  • Large number of customization options
  • Support for large number of formats
  • Preview function
  • Free for home use
  • None

Alternative downloads