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Studio Instruments Download
3 on 5 votes

Cakewalk Studio Instruments includes a high-quality Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano ...

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Vocal Remover Download
3.8 on 52 votes

Vocal Remover emulates a Karaoke DSP effect for audio files. In order to use the DirectX Vocal Remover ...

... as Paris, Cakewalk, WaveLab, CoolEdit ...

PSRUTI Download
4.4 on 58 votes

It is a tool to tune midifiles of the standard formats SMF0 and SMF1 to be used at Yamaha XG/XF synthesizers, in particular keyboards.

... use of Instrument Definition ... the sequencer Cakewalk / Sonar ... delete drum instruments of ...

AnalogX Vocal Remover Download
3.7 on 3 votes

Allows you remove the vocals from most music! Uses the same algorithm that the hardware Karaoke machines use (180 degree phase offset).

... from most music! Uses ... hearing the music more ... application (like Cakewalk, WaveLab, Paris ...

MusicLab MIDI Connection Center Download
3.9 on 12 votes

Simple MIDI Connection Center Utility makes MIDI THRU connections without any additional sequencer software like CakeWalk, Cubase, etc.

... software like CakeWalk, Cubase, etc ...

PSRMIDI Download
3.6 on 12 votes

PSRMIDI is a tool that scans GM, GM2, XG and XF MIDI-files of format 0 or 1, style-files for Yamaha-keyboards and Cakewalk XG-SysEx bank-files.

... created with Cakewalk. In the ... informations from a Cakewalk instrument-definition-file ...

Cakewalk Audio Finder Download
5 on 2 votes

Cakewalk Audio Finder - An audio asset management system, and music production hub.

Cakewalk Audio Finder - ... system, and music production hub ... down your music production.

I Gun Zombies Download
2.3 on 4 votes

Zombie farming on the go! Great game. Easy to pick up, not so easy as to be a cakewalk.

... to be a cakewalk. Fighting through ...

AnalogX DCOffset Download

DirectX Audio Plugin that allows you to manually or automatically correct DC offset errors in any audio stream!

... application (like Cakewalk, WaveLab, Paris ...

MIDI File Mapper Download
3 on 4 votes

MIDI File Mapper is a utility that allows you to remap the notes in MIDI files.

... maps from Cakewalk SONAR or ...

CALEditor Application Download

The CAL Editor application was designed to provide a means to create, edit and test Cakewalk Application Language scripts.

... and test Cakewalk Application Language ... in official Cakewalk documentation.