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Celsius 2007 Download
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CELSIUS is a computer program for the programming, control and logging of MEMMERT ovens with an RS-232, or alternatively RS-485, USB or Ethernet interface.

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Lifebook Application Panel Download
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LIFEBOOK Application Panel is a handy feature of your LIFEBOOK notebook that allows you to launch applications with the touch of a button.

... as: - CELSIUS H720 vPro - CELSIUS H920 ...

WeatherFsk2.4 Download
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WeatherFsk2.4 is a free Internet WeatherStation tool. With this program the users can view the current weather conditions for the selected locations.

WeatherFsk2.4 is a free Internet WeatherStation ... Fahrenheit and Celsius units.

AstroFX Download

AstroFX is a powerful nightscape camera control and processing application.

... temperature in Celsius, calibrate the ...

UConvert Download
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UConvert is a free conversion tool. UConvert covers such fields as Area, Computer, Currency, Length, Temperature, Time and Weight.

UConvert is a free conversion tool. ... , Light Year, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin ...

Dynamics Download
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Dynamics is a stylish gadget made to display realtime processor load and RAM use, as well as temperature data in a clear, uncluttered way.

... in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit ...

Temperature Converter Download
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Converts temperature between Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit and Rankine.

... temperature between Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit ...

Hydrotherm Interactive Download
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A Computer Code for Simulation of Two-Phase Ground-Water Flow and Heat Transport in the Temperature Range of 0 to 1200 Degrees Celsius.

... 1200 Degrees Celsius. The term ...

pWeather Download
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pWeather is a small application that shows the current temperature in your area based on your location or you can choose your city as well.

... instead of Celsius, just change ...

Temperature Convertor Download
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Freelabs Temperature Convertor it's a tool that helps you to convert temperature between diffrent scales.

... from/to Celsius Convert from ...

Gas Sonic Velocity Calculator Download
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Calculate the sonic velocity of a specified gas flowing in a pipe.

... in Degrees Celsius ('C) Degrees Fahrenheit ...