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Chinese Chess Soul Download
4.8 on 5 votes

Chinese Chess Soul is an exellent master level and popular Chinese Chess Game software.

Chinese Chess Stoneman Download
1.0 on 2 votes

Chinese Chess Stoneman is a master level and popular Chinese Chess Game.

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Chinese Chess Giant Download
5.0 on 5 votes

Chinese Chess Giant is a strong level and popular Chinese chess game.

Chinese Chess Giant is ...and popular Chinese chess game. You ...Also, the game provides a...

Qianhong Download
5.0 on 2 votes

Freeware Chinese Chess game for Windows. Although the built-in AI is weak, this game allows separate AI engines to be "plugged in".

Freeware Chinese Chess game for ...standard Chinese Chess file ...Blue" Chess computer and...

Zillions of Games Download
5.0 on 1 vote

Get ready to play Reversi, Checkers, Blobs, Vertical Tic-Tac-Toe, Mini-Go, Chinese Chess ...

...Mini-Go, Chinese Chess, "Losing" Chess, Dodgem ...ready for a game. In a single...

GameBox Asia2 Trial Download

GameBox Asia II includes the most intuitive versions of the classic Chinese Strategic game of Go ...

...classic Chinese Strategic game of ...known as Chinese Chess). These ...the veteran game players...

World's Most Famous Board Games Download
3.8 on 4 votes

There are four classic boardgames; Chess, Backgammon, Reversi and Chinese Checkers! With superior 3-D graphics and amazing sound effects and music.

...Chess, Backgammon, Reversi and Chinese Checkers...

XieXieMaster Download
4.4 on 7 votes

XieXieMaster Book maker is an easy-to-use application which is used to build opening books for Xiexie chinese chess software.

...for Xiexie chinese chess software. Xiangqi ...Chinese Chess, is an extremely popular game...

Planet Source Code CD: C and C++ Volume 2 Download

All the best C and C code on Planet Source Code from 6/2/2002 - 5/2/2005. like Chess, "Paranoid" (breakout ...Attacks" and "Chinese Chess" .

SA Chess Download
3.4 on 91 votes

The strong Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) Software, Strong strength as grandmaster;

...Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) Software ...update download frequently record. SA Chess...

XiexieFreeware Download
5.0 on 7 votes

XiexieFreeware have rich features and a built-in engine strong enough for most players.

...time limited game. It has ...of the chess engine, are...

HOXChess Download
5.0 on 5 votes

HOXChess is a cross-platform, open source Xiangqi (aka. Chinese Chess) client, capable of working with multiple online Xiangqi sites.

...Xiangqi (aka. Chinese Chess) client, capable...