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MathType is an interactive equation editor that lets you create mathematical notations for word processing ...

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This module converts LaTeX, AMS-LaTeX, Plain TeX, or AMS-TeX documents to Microsoft Word format.

... 3.x, or MathType. Works with ... Microsoft Word 64-bit installed ... 3.x, or MathType format for ...

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Word-to-LaTeX is a program for converting Microsoft Word documents into LaTeX and XML formats (additional formats can be easily added through the configuration).

... Equation Editor, MathType and Word ... you have MathType installed (there ...

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Word2TeX is a converter designed in order to use with Microsoft Word and enables Microsoft Word to save documents in LaTeX format.

... Editor (or MathType) in Microsoft ...


MathFlow Editor is a native MathML equation editor that works with XMetaL Author and XMAX.

... Design Science's MathType and Equation ...


MathDaisy enables you to save documents in the DAISY Digital Talking Book format.

... -in, and MathType.

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MoboMath lets you work with math on a computer exactly as you learned it — by writing it.

... , Microsoft Word, MathType, MathMagic, and ...