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Oscar Mouse Editor is not only activate the mouse functionality, but also simplifying the use of a mouse.

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It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

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G10 Multi-Mode is a free-to-use utility that allows you to configure your A4tech mouse.

... configure your A4tech mouse.Main ...

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8-in-Right is an utility that helps you to configure your A4Tech X7 Oscar mouse.

... configure your A4Tech X7 Oscar mouse. Press ... do some editing to the ...

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iWheelWorks is a set of drivers for A4Tech wireless mice and keyboard.

... drivers for A4Tech wireless mice ... keyboard. This download is compatible ...

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iOfficeWorks is a free-to-use mouse assistant for Windows OS.


G10Multi-Mode is an application developed for the G10 series mice that allows users to define and customize their devices.