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EZ WAV Resize Download
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WAV files can be very large, when they are not contains any ACM codec, and they are on PCM format (pure audio data), they can be very large.

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EZ WAV To CDA Download
2.8 on 35 votes

Convert the typical PCM and ACM WAV files to the CDA tracks and burn them to your CD so it can be played in any stereo system.

...compromise! The EZ WAV To CDA ...) Moreover, the EZ WAV To CDA ...The EZ WAV To CDA...

EZ WAV To OGG Download
3.6 on 45 votes

With EZ WAV To OGG you can convert WAV files to OGG files, OGG to WAV files, and from one audio format to another, all by few mouse click, fast and easy!

...and easy! EZ WAV To OGG ...of the EZ WAV To OGG ...of the EZ WAV To ...audio player EZ WAV To OGG...

EZ WAV Joiner Download
4.1 on 92 votes

When you have a number of WAV files and you want to join them into one WAV file, for example ...

...Not anymore! EZ WAV Joiner 1.2 will ...Also, the EZ WAV Joiner 1.2 ...With the EZ WAV Joiner 1.2...

EZ WAV Player Download
4.0 on 65 votes

EZ WAV Player is a program that not only play your WAV files, it can also convert WAV ACM ...

EZ WAV Player is ...of the EZ WAV Player ...With the EZ WAV Player you ...of the EZ WAV Player...

EZ WAV Editor Download
3.1 on 79 votes

The EZ WAV Editor is a shareware program that can edit WAV files on a graph editor, with 2 channels of view – left and right.

The EZ WAV Editor is a ...efficient.The EZ WAV Editor is ...With the EZ WAV Editor you...

EZ WAV To WAV Download
3.9 on 34 votes

Resample, change the channels, change the bitrate and change the ACM codec of a PCM WAV and ACM WAV files. Easily, with an high quality results and fast.

...PCM WAV and ACM WAV files ...fast. The EZ WAV To WAV 1.2 is ...Editor of EZ WAV To WAV 1.2 you...

EZ WAV To MP3 Encoder Download
3.8 on 86 votes

Encode ACM and PCM WAV files (Waveform Audio File Format) to MP3, WAV and WMA andmore audio files with EZ WAV To MP3 ...

...and PCM WAV files ( ...files with EZ WAV To ...Analyzer of EZ WAV To MP3 ...your source WAV files ...

EZ WAV Converter Download
5.0 on 84 votes

The EZ WAV Converter is a program that will more then help you handle with WAV files. What we mean by saying ‘handling’? Almost everything!

The EZ WAV Converter is a ...! Convert WAV from and ...test the EZ WAV Converter for...

EZ WAV To MP3 Download
3.4 on 31 votes

Hello there! WAV to MP3, WOW! What n' issue. I think this is the most popular asked/developed software in the market today - and in the last 10 years.

...functionality – 'Converting WAV to MP3 ...Converting WAV To MP3 ...meet the EZ WAV To MP3...

EZ WAV Tools Download
4.1 on 40 votes

The EZ WAV Tools is a complete software solution for WAV audio files.

The EZ WAV Tools is a ...solution for WAV audio ...and more) WAV and other ...PCM/ACM WAV (Waveform...