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Borland Turbo C++ IDE Download
3.4 on 47 votes

Turbo C++ IDE is a programming environment that supports C++ language.

Borland C++ Download
3.6 on 822 votes

The Borland C Compiler (BCC) is the foundation and core technology of C Builder 5.

Emulated Turbo C++ Download
3.6 on 120 votes

Turbo C is a C compiler and integrated development environment (IDE) originally from Borland.

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GUI Turbo Assembler Download
3 on 9 votes

GUI Turbo Assembler is a 64bit MuItilingual IDE for Assembly Language with TASM & TLINK.

... Turbo Assembler is a 64bit MuItilingual IDE ... & TLINK. The IDE is loaded ...

Turbo Pascal with DOSBox Download
4 on 32 votes

Turbo Pascal is a compiler and an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Pascal language that run on MS-DOS operating system.

Turbo Pascal is a ... development environment (IDE) for the ... software DOSBox Turbo Pascal 7.0 ...

bcc32pch Download
3 on 5 votes

C Compiler Enhancements (bcc32pch) is a plugin for BDS/TurboPro 2006 and C Builder 2007 that improves the compilation and code insight speed of the IDE.

... of the IDE. This is ... in the IDE<->Compiler interop ... of the IDE and the ... of the IDE, you could ...

Atlantis SQL Everywhere Download
4.7 on 3 votes

Atlantis SQL Everywhere is a SQL Server IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which supports all versions of ...

... a SQL Server IDE (Integrated Development ... SQL Server IDE SQL Everywhere ...

TurboPhp Download

TurboPhp is an object-oriented, event-driven application model for PHP web applications.

... standard tools. IDE has visual ...

TurboRisk Download
5 on 1 vote

TurboRisk plays the classic "World Domination Risk" game, where you are battling to conquer the world.

... featured companion IDE to edit ...

Devart ODAC for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Download

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) is a library of components that provides direct access to Oracle database servers ...

... Turbo Delphi Professional, Turbo ... NET Professional, Turbo C++ Professional, ... -edge IDE for ...

EclipseGavab Download
2.4 on 7 votes

EclipseGavab is developed with the aim of easing the development of classroom exercises to the students by means of ...

... development environment (IDE) for all ... , C/C , Free Pascal/Turbo Pascal, PascalFC ...

Stellar Phoenix Linux Download

Stellar Phoenix Linux - is a fully automatic Linux data recovery software for Ext2 and Ext3 File system volumes.

... recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA ... recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA ...

TurboC 7 by Akki Download
3.4 on 1034 votes

With this program, now you can run Turbo C in full screen any time.

... can run Turbo C in full ... problem in PC -solved the ... in some PC -no black ...