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Windows VU Meter Download
2.9 on 22 votes

Windows VU Meter is a standalone application that mimics an old stereo's VU or audio level meters.

Wide Range Peak Meter Download
3.1 on 9 votes

Wide Range Peak Meter combines an accurate level meter with custom graphic background.

VUmeter Download
3.7 on 3 votes

The program is called VUmeter. It runs on W95/98/00/XP/NT. VUmeter shows the levels of your digital audio recordings.

Digital Endec VU Meter Download
4.0 on 2 votes

The Sage Digital ENDEC incorporates the legacy and reliability of the original Sage ENDEC along with the latest developments in EAS and CAP.

JSound Download
1.7 on 3 votes

JSound is an open source program that enables you to play various audio formats.

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ProfX Plugin Download

The Peak Meters now have an adjustable Release Speed. Using a slower release speed will give a certain 'inertia' ... the meter bars which ...a more pleasant VU meter like readout...

CrunchDude Download

The Heeb CrunchDude is a very simple, yet effective guitar amplifier emulation VST plug-in.

...on the VU-meter in...

EMULive Active Theatre Download

Picks up all the live or prerecorded action from EMULive Servers.

...aspect ratio, VU meter, volume controls...

Andrea Electronics AudioCommander Download
3.9 on 37 votes

AudioCommander is an audio user interface for Andrea USB devices.

...full bandwidth VU meters for...

Meltemi Download

Meltemi is a neat, complex yet easy to use media player. Main features:

...and digital VU meter.. - Show level... Radio Player Download
4.0 on 8 votes Radio Player is a free app that allows you to create your own radio station.

...Player is a free app that display. - VU meter. - 2 types of...

Vengeance Producer Suite - Scope Download
4.3 on 4 votes

Vengeance Producer Suite - Scope is a free analyser plug-in with scope, screctral and stereo field analyse capabilities.

...Scope is a free analyser plug ...different VU metering modes. - synced & free...

Tom's MP3 Player Download
4.3 on 4 votes

Tom's MP3 Player is a simple, basic player that's very easy to use, but provides all the features your need to organize ...

...display - Realistic VU meters - Easy...

YoGen Audio Recorder Download
5.0 on 1 vote

YoGen Audio Recorder is real-time MP3, WMA, WAV recording software that is useful to capture the Internet broadcasting ...

...volume unit (VU) meters, sound...

Traverso Download
1.3 on 3 votes

Traverso is a multi-track recording tool with disc burning support. sound VU meters as...