Reference programs are very handy when you need to have a fast and easy access to an encyclopedia or dictionary of certain type. In this category you will find different applications for Mac that will help you to instantly get information in the fields of science, language, religion, geography, or medicine.

REKESh Comp Ltd.

5 on 46 votes

Gateway to Sikhism

Clinically Relevant Technologies

2.6 on 66 votes

Clint Bagwell Consulting

usamau04 melambe

Das Oertliche Service- und Marketing GmbH

Erasmos Inc



4.1 on 47 votes

Synergy Creations

3.2 on 58 votes


5 on 1 vote

Sonny Software, LLC

4.6 on 83 votes


Casper Ti. Vector

Edgeware Technology Ltd.

True North Software

5 on 75 votes

Winkpass Creations, Inc.

Matthias Arndt

4.7 on 39 votes

Simone Tellini

3.9 on 7 votes


Surgeworks, Inc.

5 on 58 votes

StuckPixel, Inc.

Daniele Kraehenbuehl

AquaMinds Software Corporation

Paul Young