Reference programs are very handy when you need to have a fast and easy access to an encyclopedia or dictionary of certain type. In this category you will find different applications for Mac that will help you to instantly get information in the fields of science, language, religion, geography, or medicine.


5 on 41 votes

Recordare LLC

Academ Media Labs, LLC.

WordWeb Software

4 on 51 votes

Yoichiro Hasebe

WEBsina, Inc.

3.3 on 28 votes


2.7 on 63 votes

immersion digital

Da Pont

2.5 on 11 votes


Open Reel Software

4.7 on 62 votes

Sort It! Apps

Benno Luthiger

Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

4.1 on 72 votes

Oleksandr Izvekov

5 on 72 votes


Michael Göbel

EZ HAn yu

Write Brothers

3.3 on 44 votes

Massimo Nardello

4 on 33 votes

Markus Krajewski

True Blue Apps

5 on 63 votes

Vision for Maximum Impact, LLC