Best PC game hacking tools for Windows

These programs help you pass over difficult game parts by providing the God mode, never-ending health, or endless money. Having analyzed the best alternatives on the marker, we have made our own list, please enjoy it.

Best strategy games of all time for Windows

Strategic games are the ones of the older examples of interactive entertainment allowing the player to control armies, civilians, entire cities and civilizations and lead them to victory. Some games are set in certain historical periods, others in fantastical worlds.

5 ways to play Android games 2018 on Windows

Today, there is a number of ways to run Android applications on PC so that everyone can enjoy their favourite titles. There are various emulators available now but they vary in ease of use and not all are free, so we made rounded up a selection of the better ones here.

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InterAction studios

4 on 276 votes

Media Contact LLC

4.1 on 193 votes

Marti Wong and Starsky Wong

4.3 on 244 votes

4.2 on 167 votes

YoYo Games Ltd

4 on 258 votes

Bethesda Softworks

4.5 on 151 votes

Ubisoft Entertainment

4.2 on 227 votes

BlitWise Productions, LLC

4.3 on 165 votes

Bethesda Softworks LLC

4.4 on 155 votes

Free Lunch Design

4.2 on 292 votes

Konami Digital Entertainment

4.2 on 158 votes

Zylom Games

4 on 257 votes

Flipline IDS LLC

4.6 on 87 votes

Windroy, Inc.

4 on 193 votes


4.2 on 186 votes


4.6 on 123 votes

SCS Software

4 on 453 votes

MyPlayCity, Inc.

3.8 on 243 votes

Multi Theft Auto

4 on 190 votes

New Breed Software

4.2 on 159 votes

PokerStars Team

4.2 on 133 votes

Electronic Arts

4.2 on 191 votes

Media Contact LLC

4.2 on 134 votes

Tanki Online Europe Ltd.

4.5 on 90 votes

4.1 on 148 votes

Electronic Arts

4.3 on 469 votes


4.1 on 153 votes

3.9 on 175 votes

Blizzard Entertainment

4.4 on 130 votes

Splitscreen Studios GmbH

4.7 on 71 votes