Best internet download managers of 2019 for Windows

Download managers are quick task managers that facilitates the simultaneous loading of multiple files. They can increase your download speed, pause and resume downloads, schedule them and offer many other useful features. We reviewed the list of some popular download managers, compared them and chose the best for our users.

Top VPN services 2019 for Windows

Use VPN, or Virtual Private Network, services to hide your IP, get access to blocked websites and relatively anonymously browse the internet without geographical restrictions or censorship. We've reviewed 5 most popular VPN services, compared them and chosen the best one for our users.

What is the fastest web browser 2019 for Windows?

Web or Internet browsers are software programs designed for accessing information on the Internet. They allow viewing pieces of content on various websites, that are connected with hyperlinks and classified into URLs. We've reviewed the most popular web browsers on the market and compared their functionality to pick up the best one.

Best Cloud Storage and File-sharing Services 2019

Store your documents, images, audio, video, and other types of files in cloud storage services. Upload, back up, view, and share your data. We reviewed a list of the most well-known cloud storage services, compared their functionality and the amount of free space they offer, and selected the best solution.

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GoodDownloadManager Team

4 on 114 votes

Hidden Reflex

4 on 108 votes


4.3 on 83 votes

Chermenin Software, Inc.

3.8 on 269 votes

CBS Software

3.9 on 162 votes


4.1 on 95 votes


4.2 on 80 votes

Shareaza Development Team.

4 on 135 votes

IE7Pro Team

4.1 on 99 votes

64 Pixels

4.4 on 71 votes

OpenVPN Technologies.Inc

4.5 on 65 votes

Opera Software

4.4 on 63 votes

AOL Inc.

3.4 on 246 votes

KeepSolid Inc.

4.3 on 84 votes

Cisco Systems, Inc.

3.7 on 146 votes

Abhisoft Technologies

3.6 on 216 votes

Chermenin Software, Inc.

3.5 on 406 votes


4.3 on 83 votes


4.3 on 67 votes


4.4 on 61 votes


4.1 on 91 votes

Open Media LLC

4.3 on 76 votes


4 on 119 votes


4.1 on 85 votes

Digiarty Software, Inc.

4.2 on 69 votes


4.9 on 40 votes

3.9 on 104 votes

Google Chrome

4.5 on 53 votes


4.1 on 74 votes


4 on 94 votes