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GNU Octave Download

GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations.

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Piano Tuner Download
3.6 on 47 votes

Piano Tuner is a 12-note chromatic scale strobe tuner and partial analyzer application that utilizes audio input ...

...hertz. Range: 9 octaves. C0 (16...

Creakbox Bassline Download

Creakbox Bassline is a mono synth with a built in sequencer. It has a 5 octave range and sounds very much like a killer little box many try to duplicate.

...It has a 5 octave range and...

Poly-Ana Download

Poly-Ana is finally here! Get ready for a new experience in virtual analog synthesis!

...plus a full 5 octave velocity sensitive...

Music Ace Download

24 engaging, self-paced lessons that accelerate development and reinforce fundamental music skills and an understanding of music theory. Lessons cover:

...Major scales - Octaves - Treble, bass...

Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ Download

Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric equalizer combining the advantages of both the digital and analog worlds.

...(.01 to 5 Octaves) makes it...

Vintager 2 Download

Vintager is a simple to use monophonic vst instrument with the functional range and sound of classic analog synths.

...(rectangle, two octaves deeper) 24dB...

Chopan Download

Chopitch, VST Pitch Shifting with a difference. Features

...system instant octave down, play...

Strings Dream Synthesizer Download

Strings Dream is able to reproduce the infinite array of rich, analog pads from the most famous string machines in synthesizer history.

...Instead the "octave divider" circuitry...

Chopitch Download

Chopitch, VST Pitch Shifting with a difference Features

...system instant octave down, play...

Archetype Gojira Download
1.0 on 7 votes

Archetype: Gojira comes packed with all the coveted tones by one of metal’s most crushing guitarists - Gojira’s Joe Duplantier.

...with a polyphonic octave pedal capable ...octaves, one -1 octave and the other -2 octaves...