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Welcome to HIARCS, a multiple World Championship winning chess engine and the current World Chess Software Champion.

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Latest super strong HIARCS tournament opening book accessible directly from the engine

...all HIARCS UCI engines helping HIARCS improve intelligent chess partner that...

World Class Chess Download

World Class Chess - Suitable for all players from beginners to the World Chess Champion with human-like play.

World Class Chess - Suitable ...premier chess playing engines. ...extended so HIARCS is...

HIARCS 12 MP UCI Download
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HIARCS 12 MP UCI - a chess program that can do more than calculate.

HIARCS 12 MP UCI - a chess program ...than calculate.HIARCS is ...Recent HIARCS versions are...

HIARCS 12 SP UCI Download

The new HIARCS 12 UCI product is available in single and multiprocessor versions and can both run on single or multi core/processor systems.

The new HIARCS 12 UCI...

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HIARCS is famous for its human-like playing style and its ability to come up with the unexpected.

...unexpected. Recent HIARCS versions are attacking chess and a In HIARCS 13 this...