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This utility scans your hard drive from shared resource files to aid in detecting version conflicts of DLLs, OCXs, and VBXs.

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Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.

... Walker is a free utility that ... module (exe, dll, ocx, sys ... about each file including a full ...

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DH Mobility Modder.NET allows you to keep your graphics drivers updated. Many people frequently are waiting for their OEM to furnish them with new drivers.

... file check for the MSXML 6.0 file msxml6.dll ... . If Check 1 and ...

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DiceChecker™ is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for Microsoft Windows environments.

... Library (DLL) for ... ™ is a C FREE software library ... Library (DLL) file, library file to ...

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Software Director provides useful features for users, application developers, and support sites:

... components (DLL) with ... automatically check for ... Authenticode integrity checks, TLS ...


RockScroll is a tool that extends the scrollbar in Visual Studio to show a syntax highlighted thumbnail view of your source.

... 's just one DLL and you ... by un-checking the checkbox ...

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DXGL Wrapper is a program developed to emulate API calls thru OpenGL commands and other platform specific commands ...

... OpenGL emulation, check the button ... mode (d3d8.dll)). To disable ...

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PHP editor, Maked to be light, easy and simple, integrated with PHP by php4delphi component, Highlight by SynEdit component, Debuging XDebug.

... Main features: - Free and open ... dll (php5ts.dll) for run and check ... a folder file list panel ...


7-Zip Alternative plugin for Far Manager This plugin requires 7z.

... includes 7z.dll. Check out plugin ... a list of file masks. - ... to avoid file fragmentation when ...

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DPlot Jr is a free scaled-down version of DPlot intended for use by programmers who want a quick method for displaying ...

... is a free scaled-down ... open a file or paste ... (HTBasic users: Check out Graph ... DPLOTLIB.DLL.)

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EOSInfo is for Windows only. At this time, does not have any plans for creating a Mac version, largely due to time constraints.

... the support .dlls from the ... PC's clock - Checking the firmware ...