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Optoma HDCast Pro Download
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The HDCast Pro app allows you to stream video, music, pictures, and documents from a laptop or mobile device.

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2020 Vision Download

Replace all your charts and tests with one easy-to-use visual acuity testing system! With tests ranging from customizable, randomized acuity charts to complex

...features are streamed directly to...

OptomaPresenter Download

Optoma Presenter is a program that allows a remote desktop from a host PC to be displayed on a network display through Ethernet, USB, or Wireless connection.

Optoma Presenter is a...

Optomap U-revu Download

U-Revu™ software it allows you to magnify, adjust gamma, contrast and brightness, and view the individual laser separations of optomap images.

Optomate Premier Download

The Optomate Premier series includes the latest database systems and interface design techniques, providing you with a more effective and easy to use system.

The Optomate Premier series...

InfoSAP Creator Download
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The InfoSAP Creator software application enables you to design, schedule, distribute and display a wide variety of content for your digital signage.

WPS-IPro2 Download
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WPSPro is a professional wireless presentation gateway. By enabling the “interactive” and “wireless” functions ...