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Snake is a classic game played by many on cell phones, PDAs, and calculators.

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In this game you will control the snake to eat food. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the snake.

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Snake World is a interesting game for Windows. It's remake of classic snake game into 3D graphics using new DirectX 10 and over-internet multiplayer capability.

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Kega Fusion is a great multi-console emulator for the following: Sega SG1000, SC3000 ...

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AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake game. Many wonderful music tracks are included in the game.

... the famous Snake game. Many ... made in full 3D bring ...

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Burn tread and smash bumpers with four different monster trucks (Executioner, Firestone Wilderness ...

... Wilderness, Snake Bite and ... - Multimedia PC with a Pentium ... operating system version 4.0 ...

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Image of a skull with snakes sliding through its mouth and eyes, on fire; this screensaver creates the realistic illusion of a fire on your screen.

... West the snake is associated ...

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Snake Munch - The spinning twist on the classic arcade game! Afraid of snakes? Change your mind now and try this game!

... on the classic arcade game ... Navigate the snake by rotating ... . Finally snake crawls around ...

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Play free downloadable game of Snakes and Ladders. Select the number of players (2 to 4) and enter their names.

... slide like a snake, but reach ...


Sudoku, or Su Doku is a type of puzzle where a 9x9 grid of squares contains the numbers 1-9 ...

... a number Sudoku Snake will automatically ...


The fields are green with sweet clover and a gold promise of grain, the cows lazily graze in green pastures, such comfort the country breathes into the soul.

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SnakeTail is a Windows tail utility for monitoring growing log files.

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Snake Slider is a puzzle game for Windows, inspired by Rush Hour and Nibbler.

... a snake diagonally. A snake can ... : Green snake - Must ... Mushroom - Snake shrinks when ...