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Perky Duck Download
3.4 on 7 votes

Perky is a computer based Perkins braille emulator. Braille is a reading and writing system of tactile dots for blind people.

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BrailleBlaster Download
3.0 on 1 vote

BrailleBlaster takes advantage of the rich markup contained in NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility ... braille producers ...braille translator, for translating text and mathematics to braille...

MegaDots Download

The MS-DOS braille translator that keeps working for the volume transcriber and producer.

...MS-DOS braille translator that keeps ...a mature DOS braille translator with powerful...

WinBraille Download
2.6 on 26 votes

WinBraille is a powerful, fully Windows based braille editor for Windows, exclusively for Index Embossers.

...or contracted Braille. WinBraille ...can be translated to tactile the braille text.

Braille2000 Download

Braille2000 is a bold new tool for producing braille. Braille2000 is fully Internet-aware ...

...send a braille document to a braille production translate XML print text into braille.

eClipseReader EyeNet Download
5.0 on 1 vote

eClipseReader- EyeNet version 4.2 is the most advanced DAISY Digital Talking Book player and Text document reader ...

...powerful text document reader ...Word, and Braille Translators. eClipseReaders unique...

Duxbury Braille Translator Download
3.3 on 23 votes

Duxbury Braille Translator allows you to translate documents to braille.

...Braille Translator allows you to translate documents text along with braille for...

Tiger Software Suite Download
1.8 on 5 votes

The Tiger Software Suite is a program that makes it easy to get accurate braille translation in seconds.

...get accurate braille translation in seconds ...can insert text and ...Excel and translate with...

FreeDots Download
1.0 on 1 vote

FreeDots is a Free Software project to enable blind users to translate musical notation into Braille music. translate musical notation into Braille ...also edit) braille music.