Science tools can help you acquire and improve knowledge in various areas. This category offers you a wide range of applications for Mac to help you learn science such as astronomy, math, physics, biology, geology, genealogy, and more.

Rob Zimmelman

Waldek Hebisch

Catfish Animation Studio S.r.l.


4.7 on 48 votes

Sandia National Laboratory, Kitware Inc, Los Alamos National Laboratory


3.9 on 75 votes

KS Wilson & Associates Pty Ltd

2.1 on 31 votes

Wayne P. Maddison & David R. Maddison

International GeoGebra Institute

5 on 1 vote

Jiaye Yu, Mark Holder, Jeet Sukumaran, Siavash Mirarab, and Jamie Oaks

Evan Miller

4.3 on 38 votes

Bartek Wilczynski and Milosz Darzynkiewicz

TAPAAL (Aalborg University)

Krueger Systems, Inc.

3 on 1 vote

Nathan Salomonis and Bruce Conklin

Carnegie Mellon University

Wolfram Research

5 on 1 vote



By Yappco

EleMaths Software

5 on 93 votes

Graham Gyatt

4.3 on 97 votes

Slopinator Team

Fabrizio Boco

4.4 on 30 votes

John W. Eaton

NVIDIA Corporation

Synergy Creations